Sifu Nadine Shozuya is a master of many different styles of healing. She has the skills to help you with almost any health issue. Make your first appointment today! Call us at (310) 701-6423 or email us at Or, click the button below to make your own appointment.


Our Services

The Initial Exam

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For those of you who want to throw everything and the kitchen sink at your health issues, we recommend the initial exam. The initial exam begins with you filling out a health history form. On your first appointment, you’ll bring in the completed form and go over the whole thing in detail with Sifu Nadine. The examination itself is $225, but this package comes with 2 completely free treatments! During these treatments, Sifu Nadine’s team of highly skilled therapists will use every medical skill they have to determine the best course of action for you. Click the button above to make your appointment today! Click the button below for your Initial Exam health history form.

Saturday Mornings Only — $5 Pulse Diagnosis Special


If the initial exam seems like too much commitment for you, don’t worry. We have a faster, cheaper option for new patients if you’d just like to come in for a checkup. On Saturdays from 9 AM till 11:30 AM, Sifu Nadine’s team of therapists will feel your pulse and give you a summary of what they see going on with your health. They will then provide you with herbal recommendations. Once they’ve felt your pulse, you’re on our Secret Menu list! That means you’re eligible to order herbal medicine from us online without even leaving your house! If you’ve already had your pulse read, click here to order your herbs. Pay $5 at the door to get in on Saturday mornings. If you make any purchases on the day you come in, your $5 will be returned to you.

Our Medicines


If you want fast, effective medicine that is completely free of harmful side effects, Chinese herbal medicine is the way to go. Sifu Nadine Shozuya is Scholar Warrior’s master herbalist, skillfully using pharmaceutical-grade herbs to treat everything from the flu to osteoporosis. To get your herbs, visit us at and order whatever you need.


Do you have pain? Are you tired of relying on harmful medications? If so, Acupuncture is the way to go. This time-tested Chinese healing art is one of the most effective pain relief methods on Earth. If you want a completely safe and amazingly quick way to get out of pain, call or email us for an acupuncture appointment today! But that’s not all… You’ve probably been told that migraines are just something that certain unfortunate people have to deal with, period. That’s not true! Sifu Nadine has the history of taking away migraines in 30 minutes or less with a 99% success rate. Call or email us for an appointment today and free yourself from a torturous life of migraines!



Tui Na

If you or anyone you know has carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, shoulder pain, or muscle pain of any kind, Tui Na can help tremendously. Tui Na is the ancient Chinese art of massage that promises fast, effective results. Not only can Tui Na relieve pain, but we’ve also been able to help people regain strength and mobility in their hands and limbs. If your passions and livelihood depend on your physical dexterity, Tui Na can keep you doing what you need and love to do. Sifu Nadine has saved hairdressers, typists, artists, and craftsmen from early retirement using Tui Na. If your passions and livelihood depend on your physical dexterity, make yourself a Tui Na appointment today!

Oil Therapy

Knee, wrist, hand, and back injuries can be seriously debilitating. Traumatic accidents can leave you weak, unbalanced, uncoordinated, and in terrible pain. You can lose your hobbies, your basic physical skills, and even your career because of these kinds of conditions. If anything like this has happened to you, Oil Therapy might be just what you need. Oil Therapy will return strength and vigor back to injured areas of your body. Sifu Nadine gave a 70-year-old pianist a brand new pair of hands using Oil Therapy. She’s also helped gymnasts, hula dancers, gardeners, and even softball players heal injuries that were onced deemed chronic. Don’t live with chronic pain. Make an appointment for Oil Therapy today!