Our school's unique structure gives you the opportunity to schedule your workshops at a time that works for you!


1. FREE ORIENTATION - We'd love to meet you! Contact us to set up an initial orientation and discover everything we have to offer!

2. INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP (3 units) - Get ready to dive in.  This introduction consists of 3 private lessons, which give you the foundation necessary for success in all workshops offered at Scholar Warrior ($60)

Community Education Workshops

Contact us to schedule any of our workshops at a time that works for you (pending admission)! (310)701-6423

Workshop Rates

12 Hour Workshop (non-member rate) - $179

(Unlimited classes and workshops are available with membership at Scholar Warrior)

Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine (12hr)

Intro to Ayurveda - Diet and Lifestyle for Health and Longevity (12 hr)

Ayurveda and the Mind (12 hr)

Prerequisite: Intro to Ayurveda

Living with the Seasons - Seasonal Routines of Ayurveda

Prerequisite: Intro to Ayurveda

Vedic Astrology (12 Sessions)

Prerequisite: Intro to Ayurveda

Intro to Chinese Herbs and Pulse Diagnosis (12 hr)

Beginnning Meditation (12 hr)

Applied Meditation - Goal Setting (12 hr)

Study Skill (12 sessions)

Visual Math (12 Sessions)

Deep Meditation (4 sessions)

Prerequisite: Beginning Meditation

Chinese Yoga (Qi Gong) - Proper Exercise for Health and Longevity (12 Sessions)

Tai Chi Chuan (12 Sessions)

Yoga (Asana Focus) (12 Sessions)

Tai Mantis Kung Fu (12 Sessions)


On Going Classes

Tai Chi Chuan


Also known as "Grand Ultimate Fist," tai chi is an ancient martial art that will strengthen you from the inside out.


YOUTH - Thurs: 5:30p-6:10p

ADULT - T: 7:00-7:40p, Sun: 8:00-8:55 am



Focus: Asana


The word yoga means to join or unite. Unite means to unite with your true self. When you are conflicted, it is reflected in the body as pain or inflexibility. Come and learn to quiet the body and mind through yoga. Your progress in the body will be a long welcome proof of peace within. Private lessons and group private lessons are available!

Wed: 5:30p-6:15p




Develop the strength and peace of mind to truly enjoy life.

Sun: 10:00a-10:55a, Tue: 11:00-11:55a

Applied Meditation

Sun: 11:00a-11:55a


Kung Fu


Optimally, you will begin at 3 yrs old. You will be hard wired for kindness, intelligence and strength. From the ages of 5-15, your training will continue with emphasis on the health of the body. When your brain starts it's second major changing process on the onset of puberty, formal meditation will be a growing part of your practice. By the age of 30, you will have a valuable and rare gem of a practice that is Kung Fu. Happiness and contentment will be yours for the rest of your life as you simultaneously become more resistant to diseases of the body and the mind. The external path is closed to anyone over the age of 45 or anyone not in optimal physical health.


KUBS (ages 3-4 )Wed 3:30p-3:55p, Sat 9:00-9:25a

KUBS (ages 5-7) Wed 4:00-4:25p, Sat 9:30-9:55a

YOUTH (ages 8+) Wed: 4:45-5:25p, Thurs: 4:00-4:40pm, Sat 10:00-10:40a

FAMILY KUNG FU FITNESS (all ages) Mon: 6:16-6:55p



Ba Duan Jin


Develop strength that will last a lifetime with these 8 gentle exercise that transform tedons and strengthen the internal systems.

Mon: 7:00-7:40 p, Tues: 9:00-10:00a, Thurs: 9:30-10:25, Sat: 8:00-8:55a